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The National Monument to the Forefathers stands on the summit of Monument Hill. The heroic figure of Faith pointing to heaven, her foot on Plymouth Rock, surmounts a massive granite pedestal. Below are seated Liberty with Peace flourishing under her protection and Tyranny overthrown by her power Law is attended by Justice and Mercy. Education has Wisdom on one side and Youth led by Experience on the other. Morality, between a Prophet and an Evangelist, holds the Commandments in her left hand and the scroll of Revelation in her right

Below the seated figures, four marble alto-reliefs recall significant episodes in Pilgrim History: the Departure from Holland, the Signing of the Compact, the Landing at Plymouth and the Treaty with Massasoit.

The Monument was designed by the Boston artist Hammatt Billings and is 81 feet high. The Pilgrim Society laid the cornerstone in 1859 and finally dedicated the finished monument in August, 1889. The total cost for this tribute to the "memory of the virtues, the enterprise, and the unparalleled sufferings of their ancestors" was over $150,000 and came from the Federal Government, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the State of Connecticut and 11,000 individuals.

The National Monument to the Forefathers is owned by the Pilgrim Society.

tmay2.jpg (6839 bytes)2. MASSASOIT

A historic bronze statue by Cyrus Dallin(1 861-1944) stands near the Sarcophagus. It was erected in 1921 by the Improved Order of Red Men in honor of Massasoit, sachem of the Wampanoags, whose friendship was an important factor in the survival and development of the Pilgrim Colony.


tmay3.jpg (4873 bytes)3. PILGRIM MAIDEN

A bronze statue of a young woman sculpted by H.H. Kitson stands at the edge of a pool. It was presented to the town by the National Society of New England Women. It is inscribed: To those intrepid English women whose courage, fortitude and devotion brought a new nation into being, this statue of the Pilgrim Maiden is dedicated.


tmay4.jpg (7085 bytes)4. THE PILGRIM MOTHER

The granite figure of a Pilgrim woman, which has come to be known as The Pilgrim Mother, stands on the waterfront in a landscaped enclosure near Plymouth Rock. The sculptor was Paul 0. Jennewein.

On the shaft of the fountain that flows behind the Statue are listed the names of the women of the Mayflower in whose memory the National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution gave the statue. The inscription reads; They brought up their families in sturdy virtue and a living faith in God without which nations perish.

tmay5.jpg (6675 bytes)5. JENNY GRIST MILL

The first Pilgrim Grist Mill was constructed by John Jenny in 1636 and was in continuous operation until destroyed by fire in 1847. The Jenny Grist Mill reconstruction was accomplished in 1970, and operates with the same water powered technology used over 300 years ago. Daily milling produces a fresh supply of cornmeal, wheat and rye flours which are available for purchase along with scrimshaw, scented candles, unique country gifts, baskets, decoys, jams and jellies. Admission is free and it is open 6 days a week, closed sunset Friday to sunset Saturday.

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